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Anne Olson

Director of State Advocacy

Areas of Expertise: collaboration, state education policy, strategic thinking

“I believe that, in order for the work of transforming education to be successful and sustainable, all sorts of people need to feel like they have the ability to make change and develop the will to do it. I’m a dot connector, so my goal is always to introduce concepts and people to one another in a way that empowers them to do this critical work.”

Anne works in coalition with states to find opportunities to scale personalized learning through policy change. In this position, she facilitates dialogue between advocacy organizations, school districts, state education agencies and legislators across the country. She has a strong commitment to making learning relevant and beneficial for every student, and focuses much of her energy on creating a more equitable education system by understanding how learners engage with the world beyond academics.

Prior to this position, Anne worked in corporate communications and as a nonprofit lobbyist in Texas working on hunger and poverty issues.

Anne holds a master’s of social work with a concentration in policy practice and administration from the University of Denver. She currently volunteers with Denver Public Schools and serves on the Advisory Board for the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness at the University of Denver.