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Julianna Charles Brown

Senior Director of Systems Transformation

Areas of Expertise: education policy, power analysis, systems change

“I believe that by fighting injustice, we all reclaim our humanity.”

Charlie helps state leaders design a strategy for systems transformation that is responsive to local stakeholders. With a background in history, philosophy, facilitation and anti-oppressive education, Charlie is able to craft and implement dynamic solutions that drive equity. Charlie is passionate about connecting the worlds of policy and practice with a critical lens to create more meaningful, responsive, equitable and lasting systems for every learner.

Charlie’s career began at the New York City Department of Education in policy, working with schools on programming and providing guidance on working within state regulations. Charlie also worked on the Quality Performance Assessment Team at the Center for Collaborative Education, helping teachers and schools implement equitable performance assessment systems. Additionally, Charlie co-founded the NYC Mastery Collaborative, supporting schools in their implementation of competency-based education practices and advocating for the work to grow across NYC.

Charlie earned a bachelors in American History from McGill University and a masters in Education Policy from Columbia University. Outside of KnowledgeWorks, Charlie can be found riding motorcycles, hiking and enjoying electronic music.