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Mike Ball

Senior Project Manager of State Implementation

Areas of Expertise: project management, strategic planning, customer service and support

“Being an involved parent and volunteering at an inner-city school has allowed me to become a voice of education change for not only my children, but all the children at their school who don’t have a voice. Realizing KnowledgeWorks is doing the same – but for so many more children – is why I chose to work here.”

In his role, Mike manages projects in KnowledgeWorks’ partner states to support the successful implementation of personalized, competency-based learning approaches and policies.

In his previous role as executive assistant to strategy and programs, Mike provided a broad array of administrative support to the executive leadership team, including logistical and project-related executive support.

Prior to joining KnowledgeWorks, Mike worked with the University of Cincinnati Foundation as a program director where he oversaw the facilitation of gift agreements, provided strategic support for and oversaw the annual goal setting process of the development team. Prior to that position, he served as the executive assistant to the vice president of development providing executive-level support and taking on project management and other various tasks. Prior to the foundation, Mike worked at Proctor & Gamble, supporting various teams throughout the organization; leading activities such as onboarding, office management and intern and co-op recruitment and management.

Mike currently volunteers at Covington Independent Public Schools and served on the School-Based Decision Making Council for Holmes Middle School as a parent representative. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Northern Kentucky University.