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Your Partners in Education Transformation

At KnowledgeWorks, we equip our partners with the tools and guidance needed to support learning communities in reaching their shared vision for the future of learning.

Helpful Tools

Map a Path to
the Future of Learning

Bring future possibilities into your strategic plans and systems change efforts, using the 12 activities in this toolkit.

Tracking Learner-Centered Policies

Be inspired by state legislation that supports personalized, competency-based learning to use for policy, advocacy and change efforts.

Navigation Tool
for School Districts

Understand conditions for sustainable systems change and advancing transformation to personalized, competency-based learning.

Insights from the Field

Authentic student voice and choice is about helping students understand themselves as learners, how to make choices and how to advocate for what they need.

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Consider the countless opportunities for AI to enhance educational opportunities but also the ethics of using it as a solution…

Jason Swanson
Senior Director of Strategic Foresight

With the support of their teacher, kindergarteners in this Arizona elementary school understand the standards they’re working through.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications

District leaders share insights into the best ways to scale personalized, competency-based learning.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications


I’ve done some pretty ambitious collaborations before, but to work this closely with eight other people, online, to go from a blank page to a continuum of defensible competencies? Thanks to the Utah State Board of Education and KnowledgeWorks for laying the groundwork and providing the structure and supports to help us achieve this successful outcome.

Participant in Utah state competencies workshops