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Why Personalized Learning?

To Help Students Succeed and Thrive in an Uncertain Future

Personalized learning supports individual learning needs, and cultivates unique interests and strengths to ensure each student is prepared to succeed in what is next.

What Is Personalized Learning?

Meets each student at their own level, challenges them with high expectations for academic achievement and grows student agency.

Beginning with the end at mind, the portrait of a graduate can serve as a guide for a student from their earliest school experiences through graduation.

How Does It Benefit Students?

With learning designed around personalized mastery of clear academic targets, educators can ensure every student is prepared.

Read a case study about Marysville School District in Marysville, Ohio, and how they are transforming teaching and learning for more than 5,000 students and 500 teachers and staff.

How Do You Personalize Learning?

Grow students ownership of their learning, support individual learning needs and cultivate unique interests and strengths to ensure students succeed.

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What Happens When Second Graders Plan for the Future

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