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Implementing Personalized, Competency-Based Learning

A learner’s ability and drive to pursue new ideas and approach problems with creativity and growth mindset is more critical than ever. Students must be creative, strategic thinkers who can relate and compete on a global scale – and shape their own futures in a time of exponential change.

Through personalized, competency-based learning, educators are provided the flexibility and necessary opportunities to understand each learner’s needs, strengths and challenges – and learners themselves are challenged to reason, analyze, co-create and collaborate with others to develop solutions and apply what they are learning in a real-world context.

Growing Educator

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From visioning to capacity-building, scaling and sustaining, we can help you move beyond pilot sites and bright spots to a fully realized system of personalized, competency-based learning.

  • We provide in-depth research, perspective, guidance and strategies on crafting future-focused, community-based visions and why they are important
  • We convene cross-agency collaborations and provide the supports and resources necessary for systems-level mindset change and scaling and sustaining the work
  • We support efforts and partner with organizations at multiple levels of the system to build transformative and culturally responsive structures and pedagogy
  • We offer a framework and customized technical assistance to state, district and building leaders to ensure implementation of personalized, competency-based learning is successful and sustainable
  • We emphasize educator agency, well-being and growth mindset, helping educators develop the skills needed to support their ongoing efforts to transform learning environments into vibrant personalized, competency-based learning settings

This work requires thinking beyond this year’s group of incoming students, this year’s graduating class.