Sean Andres

Manager of Marketing and Communications

Areas of Expertise: storytelling, marketing strategy, search engine optimization

“Everyone deserves a quality, relevant education, meaningful education. And I want everyone to know that.”

Supported by a professional background in marketing, writing and education, Sean is responsible for KnowledgeWorks’ digital assets, including web and social media management. He has a bachelor’s degree in secondary English / Language Arts education from Ball State University and a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Cincinnati. He dedicates his time outside KnowledgeWorks on public education, serving on the boards of the Cincinnati Observatory Center, Urbanist Media and Mac-A-Cheek Foundation for the Humanities. Prior to KnowledgeWorks, he served as marketing specialist for a solar installation company and freelanced for marketing agencies. When he’s not glued to the computer — writing, researching and working — he loves to be outdoors among the trees and woodland critters.