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Emily Brixey

Senior Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Research

Areas of Expertise: research methodology, public finance, state education policy

“I love when I have to answer a hard question that requires conceptualization, data collection and policy analysis.”

In her role with KnowledgeWorks, Emily works with state education policy leaders to develop and implement education policy by providing high-quality technical assistance. She performs state policy audits and analyses, tracks state policy issues and supports the work of the policy team.

Emily is an experienced policy researcher with a demonstrated history of working in state-level public policy, bringing unique skills in research methodology, policy analysis, concept development and implementation and writing. Previously, Emily was a policy researcher with Education Commission of the States, focusing on state education policy. Emily also worked as a budget analyst in Oregon and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Willamette University. Combining her work and education experience, Emily is currently pursuing a PhD in public affairs from the University of Colorado Denver. Emily’s doctoral research is focused in public finance and examines the relationship between tax revenue portfolios, spending and spending outcomes at the state level.

Leading an active life, Emily loves cycling and playing ultimate frisbee against the scenic Colorado backdrop. She’s also a self-admitted sucker for reality television shows.