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Abbie Forbus Everett

Senior Director of Teaching and Learning

Areas of Expertise: flexible scheduling, social-emotional learning, building culture and transparency

“After working in a competency-based district, I’ve seen systemic change that positively affects kids. I know the faces and names of our learners who found success after we removed the barriers that were holding them back.”

Abbie Forbus Everett works with learning communities across the country to coach them in redesigning learning structures toward personalized learning. Prior to joining KnowledgeWorks, Abbie spent 15 years working with learners in Lindsay Unified School District, a competency-based learning community in rural Lindsay, California. She served as a K-2 learning facilitator, high school counselor and dean of culture.

Abbie received her bachelor’s in elementary education from Miami University, with a concentration in Spanish language, and a master’s in school counseling from National University.