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Growing Educator Impact

Empowering educators with training and learning opportunities

Personalized, competency­-based learning centers each students’ strengths, needs and interests and provides differentiated supports and ways to demonstrate what they know and know how to do. That can’t happen without educators and leaders making it possible.

We partner with educators and leaders in states and communities to help ensure the changes they are making are systemic, sustainable and prioritize equitable, future-ready outcomes for all learners.

Our team of former educators, principals and superintendents help you facilitate conversations and advance student-centered learning through:

A partner on the journey to personalized, competency-based learning

KnowledgeWorks partners with state, community, district, school and classroom leaders to deliver the right mix of opportunities focused on growing personalized learning practices for school leaders and staff. All KnowledgeWorks engagements, workshops and design labs are designed to help teachers meet each child where they are with high expectations for academic growth, social-emotional development and student ownership of learning.

We facilitate conversations, work alongside teachers to scale student-centered approaches and model the practices of a personalized, competency-based environment in all interactions. And when a design lab or workshop ends, we stay connected and available to give feedback on approaches or provide a different perspective.

KnowledgeWorks professional development workshops and technical assistance are delivered by our team of teaching and learning experts, including former teachers, principals and superintendents, and tailored based on educator needs and level of readiness.