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Sarah Jenkins

Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Implementation

Areas of Expertise: academic research, writing, policy analysis

“I believe that education is one piece in creating a better society, and I love the potential for personalized learning to break the system of an unknown individual or entity deciding how all children should learn. It puts kids, families and communities in the driver’s seat to determine how to meet their own needs and achieve their own goals.”


Sarah is a key figure in successfully executing the promise and potential of the KnowledgeWorks strategic plan, moving from a plan to reality. In her role, she builds, supports and manages the implementation of our strategic plan to ensure organizational success. She brings skills of operational, project management, budget and planning support from her previous KnowledgeWorks roles as senior director of policy and advocacy operations and as director of policy research and strategic initiatives.

Before coming to KnowledgeWorks, Sarah was a fellow at the Donnell-Kay Foundation and an elementary school teacher. Sarah graduated from University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree and has a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Colorado-Denver.