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Maria Crabtree

Director of Strategic Foresight Projects

Areas of Expertise: strategic foresight, project management, communications

“I am always open to collaborate with anyone who is interested in making a difference.”

In her role as director of strategic foresight projects, Maria Crabtree (formerly Romero) makes substantive contributions to KnowledgeWorks’ national thought leadership around the future of learning and conducts key strategic foresight activities. She manages projects, directs and carries out some strategic foresight research and collaborates with colleagues to author publications and other assets exploring the future of learning and its implications for education stakeholders.

Maria’s recent experiences as lead researcher and co-facilitator include NASA’s Langley Research Center future of work in 2050+, Kimberly Clark’s future of the circular economy and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research’s future of cancer research. Maria is a coauthor and coeditor of the books Beyond Genuine Stupidity and The Future Reinvented, and she is a contributor to the upcoming Unleashing Human Potential–The Future of AI in Business. She is a recipient of the 2020 Emerald Literati Award.

Maria has developed graphic tools for the Framework Foresight method and scanning process used today in the University of Houston Master in Foresight program, her alma mater.