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KnowledgeWorks helps our partners in states and schools work together to align policy and practice, reimagining what education can do through personalized, competency-based learning – and what it must do to prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

In addition to being featured in media, our team of thought leaders produces timely, relevant work that informs the field.

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For media inquiries, please contact Shelby Taylor at 513-929-4777 x880.

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Read recent news articles about KnowledgeWorks, about and by our staff and featuring our partners from across the country.

Podcast: Remaking Tomorrow
The latest podcast from Remake Learning features KnowledgeWorks CEO Bill Hite. Bill talks with hosts about how KnowledgeWorks is building a brighter future of learning by partnering with states and schools to develop the capacity of educators and create policies that support innovative teaching and learning.

Portrait of a Nevada Learner Persists Through Pivots
Nevada Future of Learning Ambassadors Laura Jeanne Penrod and Dillon Booker author this op-ed about ongoing efforts in Nevada to implement personalized, competency-based learning, including reference to the KnowledgeWorks partnership.

What happens when we believe young people are brilliant?
Dr. Sonn Sam, national director of partnerships at Big Picture Learning and KnowledgeWorks national network steering committee member, speaks to the need to build ecosystems that honor the brilliance in every student, not just those who fit traditional measures of success.

Using AI in the classroom
Educators in Yuma, Arizona are embracing Artificial Intelligence. How are teaching and learning leaders such as Ian McDougall using it in the classroom and coaching other educators?

Driving K-12 Innovation
As an advisory board member of Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Maria Crabtree contributed to the development of their new report Driving K-12 Innovation.

The Future of Education: Championing Student-centered Learning Through Legislative Action
With state legislatures gaveling open their 2024 sessions, the Education Commission of the States, New Classrooms and KnowledgeWorks hosted a panel discussion, moderated by Beth Hawkins of The 74 on policies allowing schools to experiment with promising strategies.

Opening Lanes of Exploration
With “multiple lanes” and economic pathways, South Allegheny School District, Pennsylvania, is personalizing for the future.

Uncovering Future Artifacts: Come Play
Vice President of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince’s guest post at American Alliance of Museums explores how artifacts of the future can help museums plan for how best to deliver on their missions and impact their communities in a rapidly changing environment.

More States Are Creating a ‘Portrait of a Graduate.’ Here’s Why
Director of Teaching and Learning Robin Kanaan is quoted in this EdWeek story by Libby Stanford which discusses why more states are creating “portraits” that better articulate the skills, knowledge and dispositions graduates need to be successful.

‘Future of Learning’: State unveils new education initiative
The “Nevada Future of Learning Network” focuses on competency-based learning. Hundreds of people attended a carnival-style launch event at Spring Valley High School. The Nevada Department of Education is working on the initiative with KnowledgeWorks.

Moving Beyond Alignment to Coherence
Jillian Kuhlmann, senior manager for communications at KnowledgeWorks, authors this piece for the Assessment for Learning Project describing the nuance between alignment and coherence and how we move toward educational experiences that ensure graduates with an understanding of their own agency, identity and purpose.

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Join KnowledgeWorks at upcoming webinars, workshops, conferences, information sessions and more.

July 10-12 – Washington, D.C.
National Forum on Education Policy
Senior Director of State Policy Jon Alfuth will present “Implementing Student-Centered Learning Policies” at the 2024 National Forum. Vice President of Policy and Strategic Advancement Lillian Pace will present “Innovating Assessment Through Federal and State Partnerships” at the 2024 National Forum.