Sustainable Change

How building capacity, networking and continuous quality improvement contribute to system sustainability

There are many ways to affect change in your school district or classroom. How do you sustain that change? When KnowledgeWorks partners with a state, community or district to shift to personalized, competency-based learning, we ensure sustainability by:

  • Building the capacity of district leaders, educators and learners
    We work alongside teachers to scale student-centered approaches and model the practices of a personalized, competency-based environment in all interactions. When a design lab or workshop ends, we stay connected and available to give feedback on approaches or provide a different perspective. KnowledgeWorks professional development workshops are tailored based on educator needs and level of readiness.
  • Creating networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunities
    The learning communities with whom we partner have access to opportunities to connect and learn from each other’s experiences both within their state and across the country. Learning opportunities include school visits, shared professional development, multi-district convenings and a growing national network.
  • Relying on evidence-based practices and continuous quality improvement
    The field of personalized, competency-based learning is growing quickly, and so is the body of data that supports the impacts and outcomes of student-centered and competency-based approaches to teaching and learning. Continuous quality improvement is embedded in our approach, enabling us to intervene when needed and to improve upon success.