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Behind our 20 years of experience exploring the future of learning and partnering with schools and state and federal policymakers is a passionate team that believes in working together to create a system-wide approach to grow and sustain student-centered practices.

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Jon Alfuth

Director of State Policy

Teams: Policy

Sean Andres

Manager of Marketing and Communications

Mike Ball

Executive Assistant for Strategy and Programs

Holly A. Brinkman

Interim CEO and President, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Finance

Emily Brixey

Senior Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Research

Teams: Policy

Julianna Charles Brown

Director of Systems Transformation

Teams: Policy

Drake Bryan

Director of Continuous Improvement

Patty Casey

Senior Manager of the Office of the President

Amber Decker, EdD

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Michael DiMaggio

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Development

Colmon Elridge

Senior Director of Strategy

Abbie Forbus Everett

Director of Teaching and Learning

Teams: Schools

Rolando Fernando

Director of Impact and Improvement

Todd Garvin

Creative Director

Kevin Harrison

Policy and Advocacy Project Manager

Teams: Policy

Laura Hilger

Director of Teaching and Learning

Teams: Schools

Sarah Jenkins

Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy Operations

Teams: Policy

Robin Kanaan

Director of Teaching and Learning

Teams: Schools

Katie King

Director of Strategic Foresight Engagement

Jillian Kuhlmann

Senior Manager of Communications

Lauren McCauley

Senior Director of Teaching and Learning

Teams: Schools