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Listen to five people share their personal stories about moments that helped them expand their ideas about what is possible…

Virgel Hammonds
Chief Learning Officer

Take into account these key considerations to help ensure that education technologies are designed and deployed to liberate learners.

Maria Crabtree
Director of Strategic Foresight Projects

Learn strategies for ensuring your community builds ownership and accountability for the implementation of the competency learning continuum.

Competencies should be unpacked into a continuum that details how learners will progress toward mastery of the competency.

Having a focused set of broad competencies clearly articulates what a learning community values most.

A shared vision is a critical first step for competency design.

How we we define this core element of a personalized, competency-based learning approach to education?

Learn more about state-level approaches and strategies for implementing personalized, competency-based learning based on research findings.

Sean Andres
Manager of Marketing and Communications

A conversation with researchers and district leaders about new research on cross-state implementation of personalized, competency-based learning

Sean Andres
Manager of Marketing and Communications

Watch a conversation about states passing student-centered education policies from the six areas of interest.

Sean Andres
Manager of Marketing and Communications

How a network approach to systems change fosters authentic collaboration and meaningful transformations

Sean Andres
Manager of Marketing and Communications

Liberatory education: What is it? Why do we need it?

Kate Westrich
Vice President of Marketing and Communications