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A Shared Vision

January 10, 2023

A shared vision is a critical first step for any learning community seeking to take up competency design. A learning community may be a single school, a district or a state – and a shared vision at the state level unlocks possibilities for policy innovation that are not possible without it.

Shared Vision

A shared vision:

  • Unifies the learning community’s commitment toward a common purpose
  • Ensures ownership through collective decision-making and accountability
  • Allows everyone involved to understand their role in achieving equitable outcomes for each learner
  • Is essential for alignment and coherence of the system
  • Becomes the north star that anchors every design element to come

Parents, students, educators, businesses, postsecondary and community groups should all play a part in creating a shared vision. This creates a culture of belonging and shared accountability. One way learning communities can establish a shared vision is with a Portrait of a Learner (also referred to as a Portrait of a Graduate) which describes key outcomes for each graduate of the system.

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