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Topic: Assessment and Accountability

With the support of their teacher, kindergarteners in this Arizona elementary school understand the standards they’re working through.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications

Five pieces of advice designed to help others overcome the potential hurdles faced during the first year or two of…

How one Arizona school is empowering educators, learners and families through a shift to standards-based grading

The status quo is failing kids; federal policy must evolve to allow schools to give them what they deserve. Here’s…

A KnowledgeWorks and WestEd report investigates whether state measurements on school performance accurately reflect school quality.

How does grading differ in a traditional education system vs. a standards-based grading system?

Recommendations to help move toward equitable, learner-centered school quality systems

Sometimes competencies and standards are conflated. Competencies made clear and simple!

Laura Hilger
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning

How one school is innovating to better serve all learners

Matt Williams
Executive Vice President, Chief Program Officer

How standards-based grading is serving students, teachers and families in this Arizona border community

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications

The Defenders of the Water School was founded by Indigenous people on Indigenous principles. Learn how the school was created,…

Maria Crabtree
Director of Strategic Foresight Projects

In a personalized, competency-based learning environment, the purpose of assessment is no longer just to determine what students know or…