The Moment That Changed Perceptions of What Is Possible: Personal Stories of Transformation

Topics: Overcoming Challenges, Vision and Culture

At KnowledgeWorks, we are big believers in the power of stories. Stories help us entertain, teach, share information and build community. Stories can be cautionary, but they can also help us imagine what could be – and what should be. They convey what is important to the storyteller and can also communicate what new futures and new realities might look like.

Sharing your story takes courage. It’s a vulnerable thing to get in front of people and share something of yourself. It’s also through that bravery, through storytelling, that we can make connections with each other.

Earlier this year, we hosted an event where five people shared their personal stories about moments that helped them expand their ideas about what is possible in education, ranging from centering joy in learning, student autonomy, celebrating differences, the role of mental health in education and rethinking our individual notions of success.

Take a moment to listen to these stories and, as you do, think about a moment that changed your thinking about what was possible – what you could do with your life or who you could be. About how education, your life, your community or even the world at large might be different if we were to work in service of possibility.

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