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Creating Coalitions To Transform Education

July 21, 2022

By: Sean Andres

When organizations and individuals work separately, it takes more effort to change. But when we collaborate and break down barriers among industries, we can transform systems that all interconnect in some way.

That’s what Remake Learning set out to do in creating an expanding network dedicated to education transformation.

“When we talk about educators, we include folks in higher ed, obviously K-12, but also the out of school learning spaces, librarians, but also learning scientists, designers, curriculum designers, technologists, artists,” said Tyler Samstag, director of Remake Learning, a free peer-to-peer network for educators and innovators with more than 1,200 members. “And so we are a network of folks really committed to education from many different levels, from many different lenses.”

Two legacies of the Pittsburgh area laid the groundwork for this education system transformation to happen: Pittsburgh as a city of industry and the teachings of Fred Rogers. While industry rapidly changes, education needs to keep up, which is where Remake Learning comes in to ignite engaging, relevant and equitable learning practices in support of young people. But there’s still a lot of backend work that needs to happen in order for the Remake Learning network to succeed. As the connective tissue for regional organizations, Remake Learning operates through five core practices outlined in their playbook:

  1. Communicate: Using a robust communications infrastructure that spans organizations, sectors and industries, Remake Learning aims to de-silo communications.
  2. Convene: With the goal to get people into a room that traditionally might not be in the same room together, Remake Learning organizes events such as lunch and learns, meetups and happy hours.
  3. Coordinate: As the network surfaces topics and spaces that are of particular interest across the network, they naturally coordinate. Often, the early coordinating starts with asset mapping through temporary working groups.
  4. Catalyze: When members convene and coordinate, Remake Learning wants to make sure those ideas are supported. They fund new learning projects, programs and practices – from singular classrooms to systemic shifts – through grant funding.
  5. Champion: Remake Learning celebrates the innovative work across the southwestern Pennsylvania region through large-scale showcases, events, festivals and publications. The goal is to share the learnings of the network so that others can be inspired by, replicate or scale practices.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about Remake Learning “Five Cs,” rural outreach, community engagement and four lessons from their upcoming anniversary publication.

Remake Learning: A Networked Approach to Transforming Learning from the Ground Up

Utah’s Portrait of a Graduate guides their transformation process. Hear about it from the Utah State Board of Education’s chief of staff.

Headshot of Tyler Samstag, a young man, smiling, with black hair and black and white checkered shirt

About Tyler Samstag

Tyler jointly is the director of Remake Learning and leads transformED, an initiative at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit that supports schools in starting, scaling and sustaining transformational change.
Learn more about Tyler’s background >>


Sean Andres
Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications

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