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Ensuring Quality and Refinement of the Learning

January 10, 2023

How will you ensure quality in the development and refinement of the competency continua?

Ensuring Quality and Refinement of the Learning

Learning communities need to identify competencies and design their learning continuum, bringing diverse voices into the design, feedback and continuous improvement process. Inclusivity is key to ensuring that the community builds ownership and shared accountability for the implementation of the competency learning continuum at all levels of the system. To do this:

  • Use transparent, quality tools and collaborative processes to drive the design of the competencies
  • Ensure the tools used are aligned to the prioritized standards
  • Ensure assessment tools and rubrics are aligned
  • Establish collaboration protocols to calibrate around the quality of student work that is needed to demonstrate proficiency at each performance level

The feedback phase of competency design needs to be centered around quality tools that can be used to check and adjust the quality of the learning continuum. These practices continue to build shared ownership as well as systemic processes and collective efficacy: a collective belief in the community’s ability to make a difference for all learners.

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