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Advance Early College High School

Accelerate student learning and achievement and increase higher education attainment with early college

We believe that every child can succeed in college and career with the right tools, preparation and support. Our approaches to early college high school and personalized, competency-based education have created opportunities for more than 135,000 students in 20 states. Among the things that makes KnowledgeWorks partner early college high schools successful are:

  • A culture of high expectations
  • Professional development, sharing best practices from other successful early colleges
  • Assistance planning the comprehensive system of student supports for your school district
  • Evidence-based strategic planning, that helps consider career pathways and community partnerships that help students today and in the future
  • Access to the KnowledgeWorks nationwide network of schools

Why early college high school?

For students and family, early college means the dream of college can become a reality. Early college benefits students and families, as well as the community at large:

  • Students typically earn college credit at no cost to them or their family
  • This approach creates a seamless transition between high school and college
  • Staff at early colleges guide and support students throughout their blended high school and college experiences
  • Early colleges support career pathways aligned to the local economy’s needs that can help create a pipeline of future skilled employees for the community
  • By supporting an early college, colleges and universities create a pipeline of students for their four-year degree programs

Twenty-two percent of students at the 13 schools which make up the Ohio Early College Association graduate with an associate degree and 79% of students continue higher education after high school.
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Personalizing learning with early college high school?

Early college high schools personalize learning for students, with individualized learning plans and supports, while also helping to accelerate learning and give students access to higher education. For more than fifteen years, KnowledgeWorks early college model has been helping students graduate with up to 60 hours of college credit—the equivalent of an associate degree—and giving students in underserved populations access to college.

While there are many school programs that give students access to college in high school—Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Credit Plus and honors courses—KnowledgeWorks early colleges go further. The implementation of any early college is individualized to your community. By the end of their high school career, students can earn up to 60 college credits, typically at no cost to the student to their family. By facilitating partnerships between institutions of higher education, school districts and local business and community partners, we help our partners make education more equitable and empower every student.

Ready to move your personalized learning with early college for students in your community? Talk with a KnowledgeWorks teaching and learning expert for advice on next steps.