Tracking Legislation That You Need to Know

Your window into transformative education policy supporting personalized, competency-based learning

December 18, 2023

By: Shelby Taylor, Emily Brixey

The KnowledgeWorks High Interest Bills Tracker is designed to monitor the 12 policy conditions for personalized, competency-based learning, as outlined in the KnowledgeWorks State Policy Framework. These conditions form the bedrock for fostering learner-centered approaches to education, creating an environment where bold changes can take root and flourish.

Stay informed, drive change

In the ever-evolving landscape of education policy, staying informed is key to driving the changes we all want to see. The KnowledgeWorks High Interest Bills Tracker is a powerful tool designed for education leaders, policymakers and advocates who are eager to keep an eye on the legislative policies that will shape the future of education.

Why it matters

Americans are passionately calling for transformative changes in our education system. To make these changes a reality, we must keep an eye on state-level legislation. Our public-facing legislative tracker highlights some of the most innovative and transformative legislation in the country and allows you to track these bills through their legislative journey.

Key features

  • State-Specific Sorting: Easily filter and explore legislation based on your state of interest. Stay attuned to the policy landscape in your backyard.
  • High-Level Summaries: Get a quick overview of the bill’s implications. We break down the complex language into understandable insights, helping you grasp the essence of each proposal effortlessly.
  • Policy Monitoring: Track the status of a bill in real-time as it progresses through the legislative journey. Know when it’s introduced, debated and potentially enacted, ensuring you never miss a crucial development.
  • Full-Text Access: Dive deeper into the details. Read the full-text version of any policy proposal at your convenience, empowering you with the knowledge needed to advocate effectively.


Shelby Taylor
Director of Marketing and Communications
Emily Brixey
Senior Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Research

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