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Mapping Your Journey into Liberatory Education Futures

A toolkit of exercises to help you plan for the future of learning

April 13, 2023
By: Katie King

This toolkit is composed of seven activities to help teams of three to five people discuss what might happen for the future of learning and what they want to happen, as well as map their paths toward a more equitable and life-affirming future of learning.

The toolkit Mapping Your Journey into Liberatory Education Futures can help you:

  • Deepen your education equity efforts, including how to design a system that works for historically marginalized yet resilient learners
  • Explore the idea of liberatory education and how it fits into your work, including how it might show up in classroom, community and system settings
  • Bring future possibilities into your long-term plans, including strategic plans and systems change efforts

The effort to create a new future of learning will be filled with uncertainty. Each of us has a moral imperative to engage in it. The only way forward is together.


Katie King
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement

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