Panel Discussion Exploring the Futures of Young Children and Their Families

Topics: Early Childhood

What opportunities exist for the future of children and their families? That question is core to our motivation behind a new resource we developed in partnership with Capita, Foundations for Flourishing Futures: A Look Ahead of Young Children and Their Families©. It was also an area we explored in a webinar yesterday afternoon.

Foundations for Flourishing Futures: A Look Ahead for Children and Families© will help leaders across sectors navigate understand their own work in new ways and do their part to ensure that every child and family can flourish in the future.
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In addition to Joe Waters, the co-founder and CEO of Capita, and Katherine Prince, the vice president of strategic foresight for KnowledgeWorks, the webinar featured a panel of experts in the early childhood space:

  • Dipesh Navsaria, MD, is a pediatrician who blends the roles of physician, occasional children’s librarian, educator, public health professional and child health advocate.
  • Sheetal Singh is the Executive Director of the Early Learning Lab, an organization that provides the early childhood field with professional learning and family support to ensure children’s healthy development and success.
  • Vinny Badolato is the education program director for Voqal, a national collaboration of Educational Broadband Service licensees that work to advance social equity by creating an educated, empowered and engaged public.

“All too often in the early childhood sector, we have been entrenched in a very siloed way of thinking about our programs and our systems and we need to take more of this intersectional and integrated approach,” said Singh during the discussion. The forecast “is an important step forward to furthering that thinking and getting people outside of those silos.”

Specific areas that were explored during the webinar include:

  • What opportunities exist for us to engage in shaping the futures of young children and their families?
  • What challenges most urgently need attention?
  • What will the role of AI be in childhood development, parenting and the future of work?
  • What actions can you and your organization take to help shape the futures of children and their families?

While our experts were able to cite published research from Brookings or the American Academy of Pediatrics, there was also a running theme of a hope and optimism for what lies ahead.

Listen in to the archived webinar online:

Foundations for Flourishing Futures: A Look Ahead for Young Children and Their Families© can help you engaged in your own conversations about actions you and your organization can take.