The “Education” Debate Tally

Topics: Education Policy

Guest post by Mary Tighe

So far, there have been five Republican and three Democratic presidential debates. Most of them were at least two hours; a few even lasted upwards of three hours. There were more than 175,000 words spoken between candidates and moderators.

Yet only 64 of those words were “education.”

And 98 of them were “college.”

Only 4 of them were “graduation.”

1 was “early education.”*

It’s time to start talking about education. It’s time to start talking about how to best prepare our students for life beyond high school – a life where many of them will be competing for jobs that have yet to be created.

That’s why we launched To get the ball rolling. We know it’s just the beginning. We know there is real, grassroots work to do. We know there are endless challenges in ensuring that all children have access to quality learning that supports their needs.

But we also know that we need a leader who’s not afraid to stand up to those challenges.

Join us by starting the conversation in your network. Share with on social media or through email. Tweet to the candidates to ask your #EdDebate questions.

Let’s join together to put education where it belongs – in the center of the debate.



*Based on keyword searches of debate transcripts thus far. The word counts include all mentions of education, while most were included in anecdotes, in minimal discussion of higher or vocational education, or in mention of the Department of Education.