Cast Your Votes! KnowledgeWorks Submissions to SXSWedu 2021


KnowledgeWorks has submitted four sessions to SXSWedu 2021. While the event takes place in March, voting to select conference presentations begins now and the process only takes a few moments. Details and links to vote for our sessions are below. KnowledgeWorks has submitted four presentations to SXSWedu2021. While the event takes place in March, voting to select conference presentations begins now and the process only takes a few moments.

10 Drivers of Student Engagement

Whether learning occurs in brick-and-mortar schools or in virtual environments, student engagement drives an impressive array of student outcomes. Few would argue, however, that counting log-ins to devices, appearances on video/audio conferencing platforms or emailing worksheets constitutes valid and useful measures of genuine engagement in learning. While these approaches existed before COVID-19, the current pandemic has laid bare how poorly, if at all, we’ve been addressing student engagement.


Human-Centered Learning For All

We need educational futures that are radically different from today. Explore a vision for human-centered learning that provides each child and adult involved in education with the opportunities and supports they need to thrive. We need to align educational structures, policies, practices and learning experiences around the flourishing and well-being of people while cultivating responsibility for society and the planet. This new vision promises to help us navigate the era shift that is underway.


Remaking Tomorrow

What might tomorrow bring? How can we ensure that learners are ready for what’s next? These questions were part of a region-wide exploration of the future of learning called the Tomorrow Campaign. Spanning 6 months the campaign was designed as a call to action to think about and shape the future of learning across the Pittsburgh region. This session is designed to spark a conversation about how your community might ask what tomorrow may bring?


Students at the Center: Research and Data Hub

Students at the Center helps educators make use of current research on student-centered approaches to teaching and learning. The mission of the Hub is to: 1) Help raise the visibility of student-centered learning; 2) Provide educators with ideas, materials and actionable research that promotes student voice and advances equity; and 3) Offers a centralized location for evidence and resources on student-centered learning approaches. We’ll share all of this and crowdsource ideas for the future.