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Staff Spotlight – Holly Brinkman


Holly Brinkman is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for KnowledgeWorks.Holly Brinkman has been with KnowledgeWorks for 16 years, and she uses one concept repeatedly to describe her experiences: growth.

“Being with the organization for this long, I’ve seen a lot of changes in what we’re working on, how we’re working and who we work with,” said Brinkman, who serves as vice president and chief financial officer with KnowledgeWorks. “I appreciate the opportunity to grow that comes with a frequently changing landscape in education and the nonprofit sector – the professional challenges I encounter in my work and the tireless support of my team are invaluable.”

In addition to valuing the professional growth opportunities that have come with aiding in the transition from a student lending agency to a nonprofit focused on partnering with schools, communities and policymakers to advance personalized learning, Brinkman just genuinely loves the people she works with. She refers to her colleagues as “passionate” and “dedicated,” and attests that during her tenure at KnowledgeWorks, she has found the organization and the people she works with to be a “refuge.”

“I feel like I’m a part of something bigger,” Brinkman said. “I’ve built some solid relationships. It’s what keeps me here.”