Policy Conditions in Action: Vision for Student Success in South Carolina

Topics: Education Policy

In our recent State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning, we share a framework that can help guide states in their work towards statewide transformation to ensure personalized learning opportunities for all students.

Personalized learning can be a powerful approach for ensuring readiness for postsecondary education and career and for addressing racial, economic, gender and geographic disparities. To implement personalized learning with fidelity takes hard work and collaboration at every level of the system.

The State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning will help states and stakeholders define and navigate their pathway from the exploratory phase of system design, where a limited number of districts engage in personalized learning practices, to statewide transformation.

Early adopter: spotlight on South Carolina

Within our framework, we outline a set of policy conditions states will need to tackle as they refine and transform their policy system to one that ensures all students in the state benefit from high-quality personalized learning experiences. We also highlight early adopter states to illustrate each policy condition. For the policy condition Vision for Student Success, we shine a spotlight on South Carolina.

TransformSC, an education initiative of the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, helped spur a statewide conversation among business leaders, educators, students, parents and policymakers to ensure South Carolina’s students graduate prepared for careers, college and citizenship. In 2013, these conversations culminated with the launch of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, a vision that outlines the world-class knowledge, skills and life and career characteristics that all graduates need upon high school graduation. This profile has been adopted by a diverse group of state stakeholders including the State Board of Education, Department of Education, Education Oversight Committee, Chamber of Commerce, School Boards Association and TransformSC schools and districts.

Moving to personalized learning throughout your state is a big undertaking with even bigger rewards. Not sure which policy conditions to begin with? Take this short quiz to find out.