Local Learning Festival Aims to Amplify Youth Voices

Topics: Future of Learning

Centering the student and student agency is nothing new to KnowledgeWorks. And it isn’t for other local institutions and organizations, as demonstrated by the activities offered for Greater Cincinnati Remake Learning Days festival, May 15-17, 2021.

To help children recognize and explore their own emotions and voices, Visionaries + Voices – an inclusive arts organization which aims to provide creative, professional and educational opportunities – will offer activities on secret message journaling art and emotion painting, two of many mental activities offered. Participants could even write secret messages using the junk journal they make with Art Equals.

Creativity is vital to youth voice, and there is no shortage with the activities offered. To help children give creative output to their voices, WordPlay Cincy will help the audience find their creative voice through telling a story about their own character strengths and reflecting on the meaning of their own names. The Art Academy of Greater Cincinnati will also help develop creative voice with an activity on writing poetry and the Carnegie will also help develop creative voice through songs for change. Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library will be providing a tour of the downtown library’s MakerSpace, a guide to creating your own book and a tutorial on how the library uses Discord to engage youth with gaming and issues that impact them.

For high school students, how can you prepare yourself now for the life you want after school? Many event hosts, such as Enzweiler Building Institute and Northern Kentucky University Institute for Health Innovation, will help address that question. INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati is offering work readiness activities on personal branding and resume workshop. And Covington Partners wants to encourage children to be their best selves in home, school and community.

Students at the Center helps educators to understand and make use of current research on student-centered approaches to teaching and learning. Explore the site for resources on promoting and engaging youth voice in teaching and learning.
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At KnowledgeWorks, we define personalized, competency-based learning as a system in which members of a learning community work together to create engaging educational experiences that are customized to each learner’s strengths, needs and interests. Students have voice and ownership over how, what, when and where they learn and connections to community and real-world experiences are a priority. In a personalized, competency-based learning environment, students learn actively using different pathways and varied pacing that does not result in tracking or other forms of ability grouping. The systems-level focus on the learner’s experience and readiness ensures each learner has equitable opportunities to acquire the future-ready skills, knowledge and dispositions to graduate ready for what’s next. That’s why we’re so excited for the Greater Cincinnati Remake Learning Days festival to showcase youth voice.

In a live, interactive session, KnowledgeWorks will be engaging participants of all ages in a competitive version of “Headline of an Era,” a component of KnowledgeWorks’ upcoming board game IMPACT: Learning Edition. Participants in the competition win by accumulating points earned by writing the best future headlines. Headlines will explore the interactions of future events provided as prompts. A good headline will synthesize as many of the provided prompts as possible into a single, coherent idea. With only two minutes to write, the “Headline of an Era” competition invites creativity, quick-thinking and a playful consideration of the possible futures for learning.

Youth voice is powerful when centered, and these organizations are helping youth find, hone and amplify their voices.

Learn more about the Greater Cincinnati Remake Learning Days festival and the activities. Join from anywhere in the world.