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Early Readers = Readers for Life


In honor of the 97th Annual Children’s Book Week, we recommend some great children's book you can read with your little ones.Every week at my house feels like children’s book week, but right now it’s official: May 2 – 8 is the 97th Annual Children’s Book Week. And because I’ve already shared five of her big sister’s favorite reads, I thought I’d give my younger daughter the opportunity to turn some pages. Her bedtime routine has gotten pretty adorable in recent months, tottering over to her book shelf to choose a few board books to read before lights out. Here’s what she’s bringing me most often:

  • I am a Bunny is a sweet, simple story with really lovely illustrations by Richard Scarry. Smells like childhood.
  • Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton is one of many beloved Boynton books in our house. The best part about this one, of course, is that you have to sing it.
  • Baby Animals by Gyo Fujikawa is a book I’m guilty of wanting her to fall in love with – Fujikawa’s illustrations are incredibly charming, and mimicking animal sounds is a toddler rite of passage.
  • Global Baby Girls by the Global Fund for Children weds a good cause with one of baby’s favorite things: other babies.
  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is strange but whimsical, one of those books you’re sure your youngest won’t have the attention span for until, suddenly, they do.