Proposed Bold Objectives for a Thriving Future


By Byron P. White, EdD.

“The elimination of economically segregated neighborhoods in Cincinnati over the next 20 years.” That is the bold, transformational objective I proposed in an opinion piece in the Cincinnati Enquirer for the Child Poverty Collaborative.

This sort of vision means working towards communities that reflect the true racial and income diversity that exists within the city, and the subsequent representation of that diversity in schools and civic spaces. It would mean moving away from the pervasive racial and economic segregation that is prevalent in Cincinnati today.

“Neighborhoods where social ties transcend economic status provide the best conditions for fostering economic mobility for all,” I wrote in my column. “Just as importantly, it is the kind of equitable lifestyle to which young people increasingly aspire – one where race, ethnicity and income are not acceptable determinants of where people live, with whom they will socialize or where their children will be educated.”

StrivePartnership, of which KnowledgeWorks is a founding member, is a collective impact organization that energizes the urban education ecosystem of leaders and organizations in education, business, philanthropy, nonprofit, civic and grassroots communities in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to ensure that it nurtures the success of every child and learner from cradle to career. A bold initiative by the Child Poverty Collaborative to dramatically challenge perceptions, policy and private investment that perpetuate economically isolated neighborhoods would help initiatives like the Intergenerational Success Project bring greater success not only for our community, but also the community of learners who will become our future leaders.

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