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Exploring #FutureEd: Seven Potential Educator Roles

Topics: Emerging Trends, Future of Learning

As education changes, so will educator roles. What if in the future, instead of “teacher,” “principal,” or “after-school tutor,” we have “learning pathway designer,” “social innovation portfolio director,” and “pop-up reality producer”?

Exploring the Future Education Workforce: New Roles for an Expanding Learning Ecosystem looks at the following seven roles that might exist in the future and how they each might contribute to a more flexible and rigorous learning environment.

  1. Learning Pathway Designer – Works with students, parents, and learning journey mentors to set learning goals, track students’ progress and pacing, and model potential sequences of activities that support learning experiences aligned with competencies.
  2. Competency Tracker – Tags and maps community-based learning opportunities by the competencies they address in order to support the development of reconfigurable personalized learning pathways and school formats.
  3. Pop-Up Reality Producer – Works with educators, subject matter experts, story developers, and game designers to produce pervasive learning extravaganzas that engage learners in flow states and help them develop relevant skills, academic competencies, and know-how.
  4. Social Innovation Portfolio Director – Builds networks in support of meaningful service-based learning and community impact by linking student action-learning groups seeking to develop core skills and knowledge with organizations seeking creative solutions.
  5. Learning Naturalist – Designs and deploys assessment protocols that capture evidence of learning in students’ diverse learning environments and contexts.
  6. Micro-Credential Analyst – Provides trusted, research-based evaluations and audits of micro-credential options and digital portfolio platforms in order to provide learners and institutions with comparative quality assurance metrics.
  7. Data Steward – Acts as a third-party information trustee to ensure responsible and ethical use of personal data and to maintain broader education data system integrity and effective application through purposeful analytics.

For explore potential educator roles in the future, join us for a Twitter chat with authors Katherine Prince and Jason Swanson on Oct. 14 at 3:30 pm EST.  To learn more about the seven potential roles, download Exploring the Future Education Workforce: New Roles for an Expanding Learning Ecosystem