Personalized Learning in Reynoldsburg

Topics: Early College High School

The appearance of education is changing, and nowhere is that more obvious than in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

“There are no desks permanently lined up in rows and, in one building, no bells signaling the end of class,” says Caroline Porter in her recent The Wall Street Journal article. “College isn’t some far-off place: Students can take classes from a community college on school premises. Most students don’t even have to take gym in high school.”

Reynoldsburg City Schools is embracing a personalized learning model that helps put students in control of their own education, letting them proceed through course material at a pace that is right for them rather than waiting for their peers to catch up or moving on without having fully mastered the material.

Innovation is not new to Reynoldsburg. KnowledgeWorks has been working with Reynoldsburg City Schools since 2009 and helping them implement STEM curriculum in grades K-12, making the district one of the largest STEM programs in the nation. During this work, the high school was divided into four interest-based academies based on KnowledgeWorks models: BELL Early College Academy, Encore Academy, eSTEM Academy, and Health Sciences & Human Services Academy, also  known as (HS)2. This is just one more step towards letting students direct the focus of their education.

“I don’t see my grandkids having something that looks like what I had for school,” said Tina Thomas-Manning, Reynoldsburg City Schools superintendent, in The Wall Street Journal article. “Some people are still hiding out with their heads in the sand.”

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