Talking About Personalized Learning and the Future of Learning

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“How do we as a community rally to support opportunities not for some kids but for all of our children?” KnowledgeWorks Chief Learning Officer Virgel Hammonds shared that as one possible guiding question communities can use when starting conversations about personalized learning. Hammonds was a guest Jefferson Public Radio and joined Geoffrey Riley for a conversation about personalized learning.

Their conversation touched on topics like:

  • What do we mean by personalizing learning?
  • What conditions are necessary for personalized learning?
  • Is there an optimal age for children to take ownership of their own learning?
  • How can the community get engaged with personalized learning?

“The single most important factor in personalized learning is the teacher,” shared Hammonds. “How do we help teachers meet the needs of serving each of our students and their unique goals?”

Hammonds went on to say that we can’t rely solely on teachers. We need to create the conditions necessary for students to advocate, demonstrate and amplify their learning. Children of every age have things that inspire and intrigue and making the connections between those personal interests what’s happening in the classroom brings learning to life.

In the complete interview on Jefferson Public Radio, you’ll hear more about what personalized learning looks like in a school, classroom and out in the community.