Middle Early College High School Sophomore Designs New Smart Scholars Program Logo

Topics: Early College High School

My name is Malik Albert.  I am born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I am currently a sophomore at Middle Early College High School.

I’ve always been inspired by the complexity and beauty of graphic design. My aspirations are to attend a college with a great graphic design program, then move on to the work world and become a highly respected graphic designer.

At the age of ten I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and successfully managed it by the age of fifteen.

My logo design for the Smart Scholars Program was created based upon the blue and gold colors of New York State, and the silhouette map of New York State as the background.

Middle Early College has given me the opportunity to take a college art class that has enhanced my graphic design skills.

Malik Albert is a sophomore at Middle Early College High School.

Guest post by Malik Albert, a sophomore at Middle Early College High School in Buffalo, New York. Middle Early College High School is part of the Smart Scholars Program, of which KnowledgeWorks is one of the contributing partners and technical assistance provider, along with the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department. Smart Scholars conducted a logo contest of students in the 23 programs across New York, logos were voted on by each school-based partnership and a winner was chosen.