Imagine FutureEd™ Student Competition Opens

Topics: Future of Learning

The Imagine FutureEd™ student design competition is open! The contest invites youth aged 13-18 and living in the U.S. to submit written scenarios, or stories, describing possible futures of learning. Participants can also go further by producing accompanying artifacts from the future, or images that illustrate some aspect of their scenarios.

Submissions will be accepted through March 27, 2017. Three winners will be selected in each category. Each scenario winner will receive an iPad Air 2 (32GB), and each artifact from the future will receive a $150 VISA gift card. For each winning entry, one adult facilitator identified at the time of submission will receive a $100 VISA gift card.

Youth can work on their own or with the support of an adult facilitator such as a teacher, a parent, an after-school provider, or a museum educator. A handbook guides people through activities designed to encourage rigorous and creative exploration of the future of learning. Student handouts, facilitator PowerPoints, and how-to videos are also available.

KnowledgeWorks and Teach the Future encourage anyone who is interested in taking part to sign up for full access to support. You can also direct questions to

Most submissions will be published in a back-to-school look book in the fall of 2017 so that we can all learn from students’ perspectives on the future. We’re excited to see what youth create!

In the meantime, here are a couple of future concepts shared by students who participated in workshop that KnowledgeWorks and Teach the Future facilitated with Youth Leading Change and the Remake Learning Network:

  • “I think the future of learning is there’s going to be an option on whether you go to school or not, and every person in the world has the same opportunity of learning so it’s not one above the other.” – Taylor
  • “I think the future of learning will be kind of like headset programming, where they have you wear headsets and where you’re getting the learning experience that way instead of leaving the house and going here and there to get it. You can actually just wear the headgear and program what stuff actually you want to learn to pursue the type of career you want. – David

We hope to see many scenarios and artifacts from the future surfacing a wide range of possibilities!