Students at the Center of Learning: A Video Discussion About Human-Centered Learning

Topics: Future of Learning, Vision and Culture

What vision do you want for the future of learning? At KnowledgeWorks we’re striving for a future of learning that provides each child and adult involved in education with the opportunities and supports they need to thrive. When we asked attendees at a recent webinar focused on human-centered learning what they wanted for the future of learning, we heard similar and related aspirations.

  • “Equity in opportunity for all people to achieve best version of themselves.”
  • “For our students to truly love learning!”
  • “A future where all children are encouraged to be curious and engaged in their life upon this planet.”

How do we make these aspirations a reality?

“We need to align educational structures, policies, practices and learning experiences around the flourishing and well-being of people while cultivating responsibility for society and the planet,” said Katherine Prince, co-author of Envisioning Human-Centered Learning Systems, during the webinar.

She went on to share the four essential elements of human-centered learning:

  • Education liberates young people to participate fully in society
  • Schools organize for love and belonging
  • Leadership is intentionally inclusive and co-creative
  • Learning becomes a lifelong personal practice

Watch a recording of the webinar for more information about strategies that can help people bring this vision to life and to learn more about what human-centered learning could mean for the future of learning.

What would happen if we reoriented teaching and learning systems, expectations and experiences to put a comprehensive view of human development at the center? Explore a vision for human-centered learning systems.