Re-envisioning Education to Be Human-Centered

A Conversation Between Barbara Bray and Katherine Prince

Topics: Future of Learning, Vision and Culture

If we challenge our assumptions about how our education system has to work and how it works today, what would be different? Looking towards reorienting education’s focus to be on the people engaged in and served by that system was the focus of our recent publication, Envisioning Human-Centered Learning Systems, and the subject of an episode of the podcast Rethinking Learning.

Human-centered learning would represent a systemic shift that would align learning structures, policies, practices and learning experiences around the flourishing and well-being of the people involved in education – including students, teachers, administrators, families and community members.
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Podcast host Barbara Bray notes that too often, the person is left out of personalized learning. With guest Katherine Prince, vice president of strategic foresight with KnowledgeWorks, Bray discusses human-centered learning, which puts the person at the center of teaching and learning.

KnowledgeWorks vision for human-entered learning includes four essential elements:

  • Education liberates young people to participate fully in society
  • Schools organize for love and belonging
  • Leadership is intentionally inclusive and co-creative
  • Learning becomes a lifelong personal practice

During their discussion, Bray poses questions to Prince about each of these four elements and more:

  • Why do we need a vision of human-centered learning?
  • What would happen if we reoriented teaching and learning systems to put a comprehensive view of human development at the center?
  • What are the signals of change where some education organizations are prioritizing love and belonging?
  • What are examples of organizations that are advocating for and enabling equitable policymaking and design through inclusion, shared responsibility and coordination among constituents?

The full Rethinking Learning podcast conversation explores KnowledgeWorks’ vision for human-centered learning.