New Toolkit Offers Guidance on Crafting Your Vision for Personalized Learning

Topics: 101, Vision and Culture

A district’s vision is central to everything they do and everything they hope to accomplish. If you really want to change the system, a vision must be created by and lived throughout your community.Personalizing learning isn’t something that school districts should do alone – it’s the effort and investment of the entire learning community to support students and teachers and lift up learning, both inside and outside of school, that leads to real transformation.

And the work begins with a strong, clear vision for personalized learning for every student.

Your district’s vision will encompass the knowledge, skills and dispositions you hope your graduates will possess, what outcomes you hope to improve and what makes your district and your community unique. Tall order, right? But we can help.

Our latest toolkit, Laying the Groundwork for a Community-Wide Vision for Personalized Learning, offers:

  • Step-by-step guidance in crafting a vision
  • Identifying the environmental factors and opportunities at play in your region and your local workforce
  • Identifying who in your community is best suited to champion and execute on the vision
  • Guidance on how to communicate with everyone within your community, from parents and students to teachers and community members, to ensure your approach is transparent, actionable, and all are a part of the learning solution

We know that not every learning community is the same, but we also know that grounding everyone in a common vision for learning that serves every student well will help you not only start strong – but will help you sustain personalized, competency-based learning that supports and ensures the success of every child.

Start working on your vision for personalized learning with Laying the Groundwork for a Community-Wide Vision for Personalized Learning.