FlexTech Schools Demonstrate Innovative Strategy on Podcast

Topics: Systems Change

FlexTech High School, a network of three project- and competency-based high schools in Michigan with which we work, was featured on the podcast from Central Michigan University’s Center for Charter Schools. FlexTech was the winner of the Center’s inaugural Innovation and Vision Award contest.

In the podcast episode, Nick Wasmer, school leader at FlexTech’s Brighton campus, introduced the network as the leader of project-based learning in the Midwest. “What project-based learning is doing to us is providing students with voice and choice, presenting the content in a way that they see a real-world connection, and they’re able to kind of design their own learning to incorporate their own skills, their own passions while still maintaining and achieving the standards and competencies that we’ve written that are connected and aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.”

To hear more about FlexTech’s shift to personalized learning, tune in to the podcast. Listen now.

The podcast hosts and FlexTech’s guests—Wasmer; Sarah Pazur, director of school leadership for CS Partners and executive director for FlexTech; and Kim Olsen, school leader at FlexTech’s Novi campus—discuss what makes their schools so innovative in preparing learners for what comes next, including their:

  • Voice-and-choice approach to project-based learning
  • Community partnerships
  • Culture of collaboration, including their partnership with KnowledgeWorks
  • Five pillars of innovation

Those five pillars of innovation at the core of FlexTech’s mission are:

  1. Project-based learning as the foundation of curriculum
  2. Community partnerships
  3. Student agency
  4. Relationship building
  5. Twenty-first century education

FlexTech’s innovative strategies align with the Minnesota state education framework to engage learners in student-centered personalized learning.

FlexTech’s Sarah Pazur created a culture of collaboration in which educators become leaders with a team of peers called the Vanguard.