Facing Uncertainty: A Futures Thinking Now Conversation

A conversation about uncertainty and the future of learning

Topics: 101, Future of Learning, Overcoming Challenges

How do we use tools for futures thinking when faced with uncertainties presented by COVID-19? Katie King and Anne Olson discuss this very issue over videochat.

During their conversation, they discuss:

  • Recognizing our responsibilities
  • Methods to transform our anxieties of uncertainty to address, cope and take action, even in the smallest ways
  • Cultural expectation to act like we’re certain, the repercussions of that expectation and what experts are doing to ensure we are informed
  • Accept new information and when we’re wrong
  • The dedication to resilience that they’re seeing in education communities

Olson reflects at one point on the cultural expectations of being certain when we don’t have all the information. “We miss the actual meaning making of the moment we’re in because we’re not taking the time to reflect,” she expounds, “but I also think that we’re just going to move into the same thing we tried to move away from.”

View or listen to the video below.

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