An Educated Person in 2035 and the Future of Learning

Topics: Future of Learning

KnowledgeWorks’ Vice President of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince participated in the Sarasota Institute’s symposium “An Educated Person in 2035.” Rather than viewing educators as information channels for compliance, the event’s purpose was to show that educators can inspire creativity and curiosity. The symposium’s speakers proposed new forms and ways of thinking to ensure that we are truly preparing American learners for the future.

Prince took the Forecast 5.0: Navigating the Future of Learning to the symposium guests. “This is a time of deep transition societally, and education has a real leadership opportunity within it,” she said. “It’s going to be really important for education to lead the way, not just in fostering the healthy development of young people but also in fostering effective lifelong learning for people of all ages and contributing to community vitality as we experience a great deal of successive shift.”

Discover how current trends could impact learning ten years from now and consider ways to shape a future where all students can thrive.

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As Prince discussed educational institutions as leaders in the future, topics included:

  • A redirection to human-centered learning
  • Rewriting education narratives
  • Key shifts in education to accomplish this transitional leadership
  • Drivers of Change, or societal shifts that will impact education, that were highlighted in our forecasts:
    • “Automating Choices,” creating coalitions of experts in fields affecting the future
    • “Civic Superpowers,” such as creating cultures of civic engagement and learner voice
    • “Accelerating Brains,” examining how technology has changed our brains and neurological enhancement tools
    • “Toxic Narratives,” including redefining “success”
    • “Remaking Geographies,” with regards to the economic possibilities and challenges that come with displacement and belonging
  • Innovations and learning practices currently happening that provide seeds of change to awaken the individual within a system
  • Credibility and accreditation

To see Prince suggest how we can all play a part in the future of learning, watch below, starting at 2:52:45 and ending at 3:45:30.