Early College High School Success Story: David Bresko

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Attending Youngstown Early College, a KnowledgeWorks early college school, gave David Bresko the experience he needed to be able to go on to college and Youngstown State University and focus right away. David Bresko had his four years at Youngstown Early College to work on his answer to “What will be your major in college?”

“Most high school students listen to college professors talk about their experiences, and make decisions based on that,” David said. “There’s a lot of experimenting. But thanks to early college, I didn’t have to experiment — I already had my own experiences to draw on — so I could focus right away.”

David also had 62 hours of college credit under his belt when he graduated high school.

He had to be inventive about working in his love for language when he decided to take advantage of a full scholarship to attend Youngstown State University and study environmental science. A self-described “language geek,” David is fluent in Russian and Italian, and can read and understand Spanish and Irish/Gaelic. But Japanese is his passion.

With the help of a YSU professor, he arranged to study Japanese remotely with a teacher at the University of Akron.

David feels like Attending Youngstown Early College gave him an edge on his college career. “It made the going easier,” he said. “Because I already was on campus and taking college courses, I knew early which subjects I wanted to study. I was ready.”