Catching up with Joe Vincer, Lorain County Early College High School Graduate

Student at Lindsay Unified School District in Lindsay, California

Topics: Early College High School

Joe Vincer is a 2014 graduate of Lorain County Early College High School, a KnowledgeWorks partner school. Joe Vincer is a 2014 graduate of Lorain County Early College High School. We checked in with him to see what he’s up to now!

After I graduated early college in May of 2014, I took a semester off from school, which was probably the worst mistake ever. Within that semester I ended up losing my place of residence and had no one that would take me in because I had a service dog that I would not give up. I ended up sleeping outside some nights and, when I was lucky enough, I was able to stay on a couch a with nice people who felt sorry for me.

After realizing this was definitely not how I wanted my life to be, I promptly enrolled back in school for my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Cleveland State University. While there, I found an opening at a local precision machining shop in my hometown of Elyria, Ohio. They were really impressed that I had a college degree at my age and wanted to learn more about how I achieved such a thing. So, of course, I told them about the Lorain County Early High School program.

A few days after I reached my ninety days with Elyria Manufacturing, they offered to send me to their partner plant in Mason, Ohio, to finish my schooling and continue to work. I was in Mason for about three months, earning my last college credits and working a full-time job with over-time on weekends.

I now hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and have moved back to Elyria, where I grew up. I still work for the best company I’ve ever found as a Machinist/Engineer. Early college was not always the best of times and I definitely did not graduate thinking it made anything easier for myself but it did teach me to take a bad situation and make it into something good.