A Different School of Thought: Toledo Early College High School

Topics: Early College High School, Systems Change, Vision and Culture

As part of its Early College High Schools initiative (ECHS), KnowledgeWorks and its partners supported a network of nine schools in Ohio, including Toledo Early College High School. This is the story of how concepts of education reform inspired a frustrated group of experienced teachers and administrators to create an innovative public high school on the University of Toledo’s Scott Park Campus. The narrative begins in conflict between teachers at Woodward High School and extends to a contentious meeting of influential leaders. Ultimately, the account poses the question of whether average 14-year-olds can be prepared through an innovative and demanding
curriculum to become college students by their junior year in high school.

Although dozens of people share responsibility for creating this unique school, this story focuses on the efforts of a few individuals who represent a large group of dreamers, risk-takers and hardheaded pragmatists who helped shape Toledo Early College High School, in partnership with KnowledgeWorks.