Using Data Walls to Increase Transparency in Competency Environments


The Early Childhood Center of Kenowa Hills is using data walls to increase transparency, a key piece to building a competency-based learning environment. Transparency is one key piece to building a successful competency-based learning environment.

This is why the Early Childhood Center of Kenowa Hills has focused on increasing transparency with both students and parents throughout this school year.

With this goal in mind, hallways have been transformed into a public data wall to correspond with each learning standard. When students demonstrate the standard, they post their accomplishment – in the form of a key to “unlock their future” – for all to see.

Because of the transparent environment, parents, teachers and other stakeholders can celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

What makes this use of public data walls effective?

  1. Safe Culture: At the foundational level of a competency-based education system, there must be a thriving school culture where everyone supports one another. With a supportive environment, this data wall can help build a positive school culture.
  2. Celebration of Learning: The data wall, which is driven by clear and transparent standards, celebrates learning rather than task completion. Students aren’t compared against one another, but encouraged to celebrate their classmates’ accomplishments.
  3. Consistency: The Early Childhood Center of Kenowa Hills updates the data wall over the course of the year to show progress. This also helps support and invite families in for building their own understanding of what personalized learning means for the students.