Talking Competency Education and Personalized Learning on EduTalk Radio

Topics: Education Policy, ESSA

“Competency based education is really that equity lever that ensures that all of our children are receiving those skills and dispositions and knowledge that prepare them for whatever goals they aspire to accomplish upon graduation,” said Virgel Hammonds, Chief Learning Officer at KnowledgeWorks, on a recent episode of EduTalk Radio.

During his interview host Larry Jacobs, Hammonds discussed everything from what is competency education, why is competency education worth pursuing and what competency education means for personalized learning.

“With competency education, not only are we teaching to standards, and assessing to those learning outcomes, but we’re ensuring that we’re meeting the needs of every child to guarantee they have that necessary knowledge to advance from one level to the next within our schools,” said Hammonds about the KnowledgeWorks approach to competency education. “When you clearly define those standards, those competencies, and you highly personalize it for every child, it actually accelerates the learning process.”

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