A Career in Science Launched at Toledo Early College High School

Topics: Early College High School

Mariam Abou-Dahech A research study coauthored by Toledo Early College High School (TECHS) graduate Mariam Abou-Dahech helps show how to solar devices can be built more effectively. She helped conduct the research resulting in this study while she participated in the Research In Science and Engineering (RISE) program. It was later published in Fabrication of CuSbS2 Solar Cells by Sulfurization of Thermally Evaporated Metal Stacks with the Journal of Emerging Investigators.

TECHS was founded in 2005 as part of the Early College initiative and KnowledgeWorks helped to support the launch of the school. In partnership with the University of Toledo (UT), TECHS students take high school and college classes on the UT campus and have the ability to graduate with up to 60 hours of college credit, or an associate degree, at no additional cost to the student and their family.

UT has placed a large emphasis on renewable energy, including having an eight-acre solar farm and roof solar display on campus. For high school students attending TECHS who are interested in science, like Abou-Dahech, this can prove a great source of inspiration and opportunity for study.

Abou-Dahech graduated from TECHS as co-valedictorian in 2016 with a 4.0 GPA and 64 college credits from the UT. Abou-Dahech will continue her work in science when she graduates with her Bachelor’s degree in 2020 with a double major Pharmaceutics and Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design. She will also be completing minors in Business Administration and Chemistry within the next semester.

Her most recent research has been into optimizing liquid lipstick formulations through a factorial design, with hopes to publish that research upon completion.

“This summer I will begin working on enhancing the SPF of organic sunscreens using Hansen Solubility Parameters through the Undergraduate Summer Research and Creative Activity Program (USR&CAP) at the University of Toledo,” said Abou-Dahech.