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Learning Beyond the School Walls

Topics: Emerging Trends, Future of Learning

What if a school extended across a city instead of being confined to four walls? What if a school helped learners craft customized learning pathways that took full advantage of city-wide resources and reflected students’ needs, interests, and goals?

KnowledgeWorks’ strategic foresight team thinks that this kind of school is possible. For The Mind Trust’s 2016 School Design Competition on April 5, we are presenting a break-the-mold school design called Ubique Academy, a high school that would be everywhere, for everyone.

The vision for Ubique Academy is for students and families from across Indianapolis to find a home and experience learner-led, passion-based, real-world personalized learning that meets students where they are and supports them in every aspect of development. Whether learners came to the school with established passions or simply needed a new learning environment, highly trained and caring educators occupying diverse roles would collaborate to help learners design customized learning pathways made of in-person, online, community- and school-based experiences that were meaningful, challenging, and enriching.

Ubique would operate four hubs serving as home bases for our UA Leaders, and staff would be there or would be available virtually. Every hub would double as community space, with offerings based on community interest and need. Ubique would also draw upon city-wide learning resources such as museums, cultural institutions, art galleries, outdoor spaces, and universities, providing transportation and communications resources to transport kids safely and coordinate learning over a distributed learning ecosystem.

Key features include:

  • Dedicated support from learning journey mentors and other specialized educators inspired by our exploration of new educator roles
  • Customized curriculum making rich use of community-wide assets and enabling learners to make a difference in their communities
  • An app to help keep people connected and unlock access to learning experiences, transportation, and food services
  • Student communities to ground Ubique’s personalized learning in a persistent social context
  • Flexible pathway schedules enabling learners get used to interest-based learning and transition from traditional school or to pursue their passions in deep and meaningful ways.

Sound exciting? We think so too! Wish us luck as we share our vision for Ubique Academy in Indianapolis!

You can follow the @TheMindTrust competition at #INSummit. You can also explore the ideas on which this break-the-mold school design is based by reading our future educator roles paper or exploring the VibrantED simulation site that brings those roles to life through a set of job postings from the year 2025.