Community and State Success Stories

No one district leader or teacher can do the work of personalizing learning alone – it takes the passion and commitment of diverse voices across the community. Read our community success stories about those who have implemented personalized, competency-based education or who are personalizing learning for students with early college high school, their approaches to common challenges, strategies and celebrations of growth.

With 20 years of experience exploring the future of learning and partnering with schools and state and federal policymakers, KnowledgeWorks passionate team believes in working together to create a system-wide approach to grow and sustain student-centered practices.

Learning Personalized, Mastery Recognized, Competencies Demonstrated, Students Empowered

Introducing the Idaho Mastery Education Framework

Idaho State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra introduced the Idaho Mastery Education Framework to an audience of over 300 in an effort to scale personalized, competency-based learning.
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Two Years Closer to Scaling Personalized, Competency-Based Learning in North Dakota

Two years in, these four districts share milestones reached in pioneering personalized, competency-based learning – and the distance learning challenges it helped them meet.
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KnowledgeWorks CEO and President Chuck Ambrose talks to students at Westview, SC, in their classroom rowboat.

South Carolina Sees That “It Takes a Village”

KnowledgeWorks Board Member Eileen Rudden reveals what she learned on her visit to WestView Elementary in SC.
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Every community includes members with differing perspectives, unique needs and a desire to see all children served well by their education.

Going Without an Agenda: Listening is at the Heart of Family and Community Engagement

North Dakota’s Department of Education learned that simply inviting everyone to the table but not truly listening and engaging limits possibilities. To advance personalized learning at a state scale, the department needed to truly listen to all parties, including five tribal nations.
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C.A.S.T. is a student-led organization out of Timken Early College Higfh School dedicated to helping the community of Canton, Ohio.

Caring and Serving Together: The Individual and Community Impact of a Student-Led Organization in Canton, Ohio

Student-led volunteer organization C.A.S.T. exemplifies what developing community partnerships can do for an individual, an education system and the community.
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